Smart Event | Grand City Convention & Exhibition Centre Surabaya

17 - 20 July 2024

The 18th International
Manufacturing Machinery,
Equipment, Materials and
Services Exhibition

Held in conjunction:


Exhibitors' FAQ

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions asked of our team. If you question is not answered below then please contact us.
Q1. Who do I need to contact if I have questions about a particular item or would like to book?
Please contact the Sales Representative or Sales Manager for your country/region.
Q2. How much does it cost to exhibit?
It varies depending on the booth size and exhibit products. Please check the following for your reference. If you would like to know the cost estimation, please feel free to contact us.
Q3. Is the cost inclusive of production?
It varies, depending on the item. Please check with the Sales Representative or Sales Manager for your country/region.
Q4. I am not exhibiting at Manufacturing Surabaya 2023, can I still book one of these promotional opportunities?
No. All promotional opportunities are available to our exhibitors only.
Q5. Can I distribute leaflets and samples at the show venue?
Yes, but restricted only in your booth area.
Q6. What shows does the badge give access to?
The badge offers access for 4 days to the Manufacturing Surabaya 2023. The badge is personal and non-transferable. You will be asked to show it whenever you enter and exit the show; you may also be asked for proof of identity.
Q7. Can I hold a seminar outside the booth during the show?
Exhibitors’ Product/Technology Seminars are held within the exhibition halls during the show and presentation slots are sold exclusively to exhibitors. Please contact Show Management for details.
Q8. Is a visa necessary to enter Indonesia?
Please refer to the VISAS . Please note that the necessity of a visa varies by nationality of the visitors.