What is Better Stands?

The Better Stands programme is aimed to unite and encourage exhibitors, along with their appointed contractors to move away from disposable, single use stands at events, in favour of re-usable or recyclable structures. ​ A disposable stand/booth is a space only/raw space build that is used only once. They are typically constructed from poor quality raw materials onsite which are then demolished post show and sent to either landfill or are burned.

What is the plan?

Support our exhibitors to move away from the use of disposable stands. Ensure that all stands are designed and built with reuse in mind.

What will improve?

Significantly reduced waste - Lower carbon footprint - Safer working environment on-site - Improved customer experience - Potential cost savings

How will this benefit exhibitors?

Smoother and more efficient build and breakdown. Highlights and protects the sustainable credentials of exhibitor brands.

What do exhibitors need to do?

Follow Better Stands regulations as part of your contract - Appoint a stand contractor who has sustainability credentials - Ensure your stand contractor is briefed on Better Stands from the outset

Better Stands Checklist